ALBUM REVIEW: Amorphis – Queen Of Time

Today I will be doing a slightly belated review of the latest album from Finnish Folk / Melodic Death Metallers Amorphis.

  1. The Bee is a beautifully melodic and calming introduction with brutal growled vocals, stunning cleans, catchy guitars and a slight Egyptian feel to it. An absolutely immense start.
  2. Message In The Amber has a more traditional Amorphis folky rhythm with gorgeous instrumentals and atmosphere to spare. The more gentle subtlety of this track does not go unnoticed, in fact after heavier tracks such as the previous when the more extreme parts kick in it hits twice as hard. The outro of this track is incredibly epic I must add.
  3. Daughter Of Hate opens with a grandiose guitar riff, pummelling drums and melodies to spare. The progression in talent from album to album is evident for every member of the band. The song has a more progressive feel than others, which Amorphis are greatly respected for, their blend of many Metal genres is unparalleled. This track makes me want to see them live again as the atmosphere I am sure would be insane!
  4. The Golden Elk has a more mid era Amorphis feeling to it, beautiful melodies and sat right on the border of Folk and Progressive Metal. The song structures are intricate and captivating, and the album is just so refreshing. I have to say Amorphis’ ability to not become repetitive is impressive while maintaining such esoteric nuances. Beautifully catchy and with excellent production to this release it may be one of my favourites from the band based on what I have heard so far.
  5. Wrong Direction is faster in pace and technically very impressive too, the synths and guitars harmonise very well, the low tuning gives a crushing feeling to it. The drums have a very tribal ritualistic feeling to them and the vocals are so crisp.
  6. Heart Of The Giant opens slowly but has epic and grandiose keys seeping in, upbeat melodies and a really Nordic Metal feeling to it, this track could easily belong to one of the bands first releases, especially with the more guttural vocals (at least utilised by this band). The sense of going into battle is really present in this song despite in reality being sat at a desk with a cup of coffee, I can imagine right?
  7. We Accursed has a gorgeous flute introduction and is in general a really tranquil piece even with the guitar, bass and drums it doesn’t feel punchy but more a sensation of flowing. Even the growls feel almost peaceful. A really interesting piece with works wonders as a part of this album.
  8. Grain Of Sand has a more psychedelic start but kicks in with catchy riffs, great progressions and atmosphere in abundance. The light synths space it out, with a wide and heavy mix on everything else and really brutal vocals. Having the heaviest song after the lightest gives stunning contrast and a really great way to compare the diversity and variation that Amorphis have to offer.
  9. Amongst Stars is incredibly catchy from the off, the vocals are absolutely amazing. The song writing here is simply incredible and I will definitely be playing this track a hell of a lot. The addition of female vocals on this track works in its favour and offers yet more variety to the album (which is something it certainly does not lack).
  10. Pyres On The Coast is slightly melancholic in comparison to the rest which nicely finishes the album, it feels like closure which an ending piece should. It is far darker than the rest but done in Amorphis’ uniquely pretty and calming way. Astoundingly pure sounding and clean cut.

If you want an intricate album, equal parts heavy and folky with lavishes of gorgeous instruments, diverse vocals and tight production then I cannot recommend this enough. Definitely one of my favourite Amorphis albums. -8.5/10


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