ALBUM REVIEW: Silver Grime – Healed By The Dark

This review is of the debut album from Swedish Epic Doom Metal band SILVER GRIME, entitled “Healed By The Dark” set for release on October 26th with Inverse Records.

01. The Realm Of The Ancient Stones opens with some damn awesome drums and bass, setting the Doom Metal vibe right away, no messing about. The beautifully powerful riffs drop straight in and the Candlemass vibe is already very strong, taking inspiration from their countrymen. Absolutely killer sludge the music is immediately very prevalent as is their excellent songwriting. The suspense is something really well used, fading guitars, in parts using only some killer bass playing and really setting a slow burn vibe as found in classic Horror movies and Doom Metal albums alike. The vocals are fairly strange slightly too loud in the mix, but overall sound really cool and eerie. The frontman has an epic voice and when the guitars kick in the mix all fits back together very nicely. The astounding power of the song and catchiness are certainly noteworthy and really enjoyable. The chorus is very haunting and leads once more into the really hypnotic riff we heard earlier, I do love that riff I must say. The clean mid section with the warm crunchy bass lines sounds absolutely killer and breaks the song nicely, leading into more ghastly vocals, beautifully done. Gorgeously performed bluesy leads take the foreground in a joyfully simplistic solo, very nice. The drum solo at the end is absolutely killer as well! Great opening piece!
02. Children starts with a very short but creepy sample, blasts into drudging riffs, crashing drums and incredibly flamboyant powerful vocal hooks. Absolutely epic way to bring the song in before dropping in more doomy riffs and a laid back atmosphere. The use of bass and sampling alone was an interesting twist before kicking the guitar with yet more amazing riffs back in and some wicked drumming. The drawn out melodious feel of the song is really pleasant on the ear and certainly huge amounts of work has gone into moulding it all together so smoothly. The vocalist has an absolutely astounding voice I must say, coupled with great lyrics this really ties the music together well. The guitar solo is once more very simple but that is more of a complement as with Doom Metal it can be very easy to overshadow the rhythm sections but that warm bass really emphasis the smooth scale runs, which does include some shreds for flashiness but nothing too overzealous, very tastefully done.
03. Like A Blood Red Rose fires at us with absolutely phenomenal riffing, a crawling pace and some really cool slap bass utilised very well, finished with pounding drums and slow burnt warm vocals once again. The poetic touches of the lyrics are a certainly enjoyable flourish, with a real storytelling vibe to them. Minimal effect use on the occasional vocal line sounds really cool with the fuzzy guitar and bass. Monstrously catatonic sludge seems to be endlessly be bellowed out from the band, constantly changing the riffs up to create a consistent atmosphere but nothing becoming boring or overplayed. Once more the use of very classic rock infused catchy chorus’ sound excellent amidst the more traditional doom material. The guitar solos seem to have a pattern of soulfully played gorgeous melodies without going overkill on technicality at all, lovely tone too. Great work!
04. The Execution Of The Narcissist showcases the use of some Horror movie soundtrack sounding ambience. It makes for a very nice interlude in the album setting a very tense atmosphere.
05. Eclipse Of Tomorrow opens up with some tribal sounding drum beats, groovy riffs and a gorgeous guitar tone I must add. The build up here is really strong and captivating, something I hold in high regard. Almost without warning the song seems to descend into a perfectly mixed, melodic and just stunning piece of Doom Metal glory, before fading into some very pleasant acoustic guitar work and singing. This song seems to ebb and flow very nicely, something the band have used a fair bit on the album and why not, it works really well for them. Great vocals hooks seem to emerge in every song, making them all extremely catchy and the blues influence on the structures is both very evident and most welcome. The band seem to have an endless supply of awesome classic doomy riffs on hand, which I have to say are all killer and the same goes for damn catchy choruses too!
06. Healed By The Dark is the final piece of the album. It begins with haunting samples and some lovely clean plucked bass too, a great way of setting a bleak mood for sure, although the beautiful soaring vocals seem to make it more uplifting. The more Paradise Lost feel to this track with its clear gothic influence and beautifully profound lyrics are really gorgeous to listen to. The sheer simplicity of the track makes it very approachable and laid back. The clean guitar leads work wonders for the atmosphere too! The hugely epic riffs soon make their reappearance and sound absolutely awesome. The bluesy leads too seem to show one last rearing of their head, very nicely done. The high vocals are absolutely ghostly and really macabre. The chorus is the best thing about this track for me, really catchy, gothic and just stunning to listen to. Lovely stuff and a great finishing piece.

This is some certainly epic, chilled out and catchy old school Doom Metal. The album is beautifully strung together and a really joyful listen regardless of it being so sludgy too. Great work, especially considering it is a debut full length, I look forward to hearing more from this band whom I am sure will be a great success with fans of classic Doom Metal! -7/10

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