ALBUM REVIEW: Feral – Flesh For Funerals Eternal

Here I review another new release from Transcending Obscurity Records, the new FERAL album! Set for release on December 30th!

1. Vaults Of Undead Horror slams right in with HM-2 fuelled riffs, maddening drums and awesomely grotesque vocals. This is immediately recognisable as the true vision of Swedish Death Metal. The incredibly catchy riffs are beautifully written with some insane leads while the barrage of drum and vocal assaults just cascade over everything gloriously. An absolutely killer opening song that is action packed from start to finish.
2. Black Coven Secrets churns out brutal tremolo riffing and grinding drums with a really harsh kick to everything laying waste to the listener in place for the decimating vocals to join us. The exhilarating pace of the track is incredibly well written with perfect production, sticking true to the old ways. The hectically furious song has so much bite to it and is chaotic while precise and perfectly driven. Excellent.
3. Gathering Their Bones fires away with more doomy vibes but still remaining just as monolithically heavy as the previous tracks. This track is right away obvious to be a perfect anthem to get Death Metallers headbanging with the sheer groove of the whole piece that works with every instrument and the vocals in unison to just assault the listener with waves of blistering brutality. The swing of the track is pretty upbeat which just allows it to kick your teeth in even further. Beautifully done!
4. Dormant Disease follows up with more crawling grooves, dismally grotesque yet ferociously aggressive guitars, blasting drums and thundering bass that fits the vocalists gnarly growls perfectly. The churning menace of the song is absolutely tailored to genre perfection for lovers of this gnarly sound. The punchiness of this song alone is absolutely stellar and certainly worth a listen, it is filled with so much pure rage. Another absolutely excellent track.
5. Of Gods No Longer Invoked is invoked to exist by an awesome grunt followed by surging riffs that cascade us with extremity and grisly sludge gorgeously. The drumming on this track is so intensely precise that it really accentuated the amazing riffs to perfection. The vocal attack is much the same as the other tracks, decimating and furious. This track has a slightly less chaotic feel but still packing just as much of a punch with its intense grinding instrumentals that flow so beautifully together. The mid section break is absolutely stunning with how crushingly brutal it is, making the resistance to headbang along impossible. The bass and vocal only section is a really epic addition to the piece too! Great stuff!
6. Accursed opens with sampling and a more reserved approach to the riffs that allow them to drop right in with freight train force that just rips right through you alongside the drums and bass that come with such strength. The harsh fuzz tones are so pleasant on the ear before the song fires into a stampeding assault of dismally dark Death Metal torment. This song once more absolutely crushes, flowing smoothly from an album that while not being overly diverse so far, has been consistently amazing. Finally the choices in samples work really well with the piece and the drum solo is just wicked!
7. Horrendous Sight leads in with some nice drums before the barrages of riffs rejoin us, the more melodic side shown in the riffs is a nice variation while the song overall stays true to formula by leading on to grinding attack once more. The upbeat drums are really well played and perfectly give the fuel needed for a mosh pit. Another completely kick ass track with a gloriously old school guitar solo that I just adored!
8. Stygian Void rips apart the notion of taking things easy with the chaotic and brilliant instrumentals that are totally unrelenting. The tremolo riffs are really catchy while the drums pummel away with complete strength. The vocals are slightly more harsh on this track and work awesomely with the rest of the band to create this visceral attack of purely hateful and aggression fuelled Death Metal. This song for me was one of the best and should certainly be checked out, along with the rest of the album ideally. Brilliant track with some damn gnarly bite to it! The guitar solo soared with such elegance in this song too! Astounding.
9. Buried abruptly starts with vocals and more doomy instrumentals that are just stellar. The songwriting is absolutely gorgeous while the execution is just as impressive. The song has a really memorable, unique and catchy groove to it that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. This song absolutely roars life throughout and once again was just incredible while much more emotionally dismal and bleak, the darkness was hypnotic and consuming to listen to. Towards the end some really stunning and atmospheric riffs that resembled that of Bolt Thrower made a wonderful appearance too. Just fantastic!
10. Bled Dry is the final chance at giving us the incredible Death Metal that has been so great throughout the album. Blasting in with total chaos and then dropping into some insane drums for the guitar, bass and vocals to just go maniacal over was an awesome way to bring this in. The sheer madness of the track is really in your face and quite different to the pacing of the other songs. I appreciated this ferocious last track and the album putting up a fight to the very end rather than meandering out of existence. Great stuff.

Once more, Transcending Obscurity Records brings us some of the best Extreme Metal, with this Swedish Death Metal masterpiece that will lay waste to even the more seasoned fans of the genre. An absolutely crushing release full of gnarly instrumentals and gruesome vocals. If you enjoyed the latest release from Crawl (or for more wide recommendations bands like Dismember, Entombed, Entrails and Bloodbath) this is certainly for you! -8/10


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