EP REVIEW: Acrania – Tyrannical Hierarchy: Vol 1

Here I review the new EP from British Brutal Death Metal titans Acrania! Out now as an independent release! This is a little different to the usual stuff I review but I have been a fan of this band for a while, so bring it on!

  1. Scopolamine starts us off with grisly and dark guitars, simplistic drums and some killer pig squeals. The intense barrage of extremity needs no introduction and just pounds us with punishingly heavy, dragging Death Metal assaults. The completely modern style of the band is supremely punchy, well produced and hard hitting. A great way to start off.
  2. Exterminate The Liberated begins with some awesome sampling from “Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory” followed by some nice pinch harmonic driven riffs that remind me of the band Malignancy. The blisteringly furious music is absolutely gorgeous, rich with tone and as aggressive as ever. The insanely fast vocal hooks are very impressive while the basic yet effective instrumentals have total force and strength behind them. The riffs are catchy and memorable, the band really have found their sound here. This song is absolutely decimating and a high quality example of Acrania’s ability as a band to create something so heavy. The breakdown makes you want to bang your head until your neck breaks, perfect for having a huge mosh pit at a gig to. Fantastic!
  3. Gagged With Propaganda fires back in with more obliterating riffs, gruesome vocals and blast beats that all just hit like a brick wall. The ridiculously brutal assaults of the band are performed with such a precision and vitriolic nature that you cannot help but love it. While I am not the biggest follower of the “Slamming Death Metal” movement, I have enjoyed Acrania for a number of years after seeing them live and noticing they had some far more original ideas than other bands. This track is a great example of that with balanced melodic sides to accompany the barrages of devilishly crushing breaks. Brilliant track with some hideously epic vocals.
  4. The Face Of Humanity drops in with grunts and guitars that descend into sheer anarchy and furious grinding attacks. The pummelling drums underly slamming riffs topped with richly extreme vocals that together create an enjoyably punishing, full throttle assault. The drum fills are totally killer on this one with excellent snare tone and use, the tremolo riffs have a really nice cascading effect to them and the vocals are just so damn glorious. The breakdown hits stupidly hard and is just perfect for getting anger out, this must have been cathartic to play. Another wonderfully done song with great songwriting and performance from the band.
  5. The Isolation Experiment grinds out more slamming violence with total strength, precision and a decimating, hateful sound. The social narrative of the lyrics have been incredibly well written throughout and this song is no exception. The convulsive rhythms created by the guitars and drums is really gorgeous with an epic jumpy feel to it. This was yet another awesomely heavy track with a beautifully done breakdown, adding to the intense experience of the relatively short EP.
  6. End1 brings the end the titles implies into sights. Coming in with a nice bleak chord before dropping more waves of frenzied attacks, chugging riffs and blisteringly intense drums, joined by the pig squeals the vocalist uses so well once more. The more technical side of the songwriting is really precisely played with a really well driven feel to it that is followed more total violence. The production on the whole album has been excellent and I found it really shines through on this track. A brilliant finish to the EP!

This crushing new EP from Acrania is perfectly aggressive, crushingly brutal yet balanced with melody and just a really cool Death Metal release for fans of the more modern style of the genre. A fantastic EP from the band, who are one of the few “Slam” bands I pay particular interest in personally. Great work! -8/10

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