ALBUM REVIEW: Whore’s Nation – Mephitism

Here I review the new album from Whore’s Nation, which is out on Deaf Death Husky records. On the merit the album consists of many short tracks (20 to be specific) I will not being doing my typical track by track style rather a general consensus of the release.

Coming in with eerie feedback the sense of foreboding is great, the insanely good production of the guitars took me by surprise. The groovy beats and dismally crushing songwriting creates a chaotic soundscape that is just decimating. This is immediately shaping up to be some amazing Grindcore that just fires pure vitriol at the listener. The whole band put on an incredibly strong performance throughout that delivers blow after blow of bludgeoning, intense and frantically brutal music. The sheer strength of the sounds used pummel you with the attack of the drums, grinding chainsaw guitars and hellishly low vocal growls. If you enjoy music that gets in your face, assaults you then doesn’t stick around to clean up after, this is for you.

An amazing album of purely obliterating Grindcore that offers no respite, just simply grinding you to a pulp with its amazing tones, original songwriting and excellent performance. Absolutely brilliant! -8/10

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