ALBUM REVIEW: Xpus – In Umbra Mortis Sedent

XPUS are back with their second full length of old school Death Metal morbidity. Out via Transcending Obscurity Records on April 24th.

Eerie ambience sets the mystically disgusting mood for the blitz of extremity that lies ahead, a really cool and uncomfortable introduction of pure malice. Storming Morbid Angel style riffs and hammering drums bring in the Death Metal assault with total strength. This filthy combination of crushing instrumental work hits hard from the off with some excellently doomy touches before the bellowed, guttural vocals join the ferocity. Not only is the record rivetingly brutal but it is equally atmospheric with brooding, convulsive grooves used plentifully to space out the tremolo riffs and blastbeats, accentuating their vicious impact into decimating territories. Ripping guitars continue to churn out malevolent riffs throughout brilliantly with thunderous drums that also use chimed cymbal hits gorgeously, making a perfectly layered mix with their vocalists hardened roaring. The production itself is suitably murky but also excellently tight with a really clear sound for all the components that are blended into a swampy murmur of pure Death Metal magnificence. This album is a monstrously heavy slab of crushing extremity that will drag you into its ritualistic world of horrors with fantastic musicianship that blends slow crawls with viscerally aggressive sections and even some blackened atmospherics that are most noticeable on the third track. Technically proficient but at no point obnoxiously so, the lead guitars are rare but nicely done, leaving most work to the rhythmic battery that is present throughout. This is some well-rounded material that has a diverse culmination of influences channelled into a might Death Metal release that will certainly appeal to most fans of the genre. -8/10

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