ALBUM REVIEW: Live Burial – Unending Futility

LIVE BURIAL are back with their second album of crushing old school Death Metal. Set for release via Transcending Obscurity Records on April 3rd.

Cavernous doomy riffs, grisly drums and soaring lead work sets out an atmospheric soundscape of pure morbidity to get things on the right track. Haunting vocals chime in with ferocious and maniacal screams that work gorgeously with the eerie instrumental sections to hit a mixture of Asphyx and Obituary reminiscence while delivering something otherworldly too in the vein of Grave Miasma. Thoroughly tense and aggressive, the ambience of this record is what makes it stand out to me with a chillingly enticing sound and the musical skill to back it up.

Savagely tormenting and utterly unhinged, this record has plenty of diversity among the killer riffs and relentless drumming as well as the vocalists uniquely disturbed growls, there certainly is not even a second that is dull on here. This is a vitriolic album with raging musical destruction among a blizzard of howls and ghastly songwriting with a concisely clean production to make sure you do not miss any of the many nuanced gritty details. Packed with groove, suspense and blasting, roaring onslaughts of pure Death Metal brilliance with some supreme technicality on the solos, this is the kind of material I think everyone can get behind. Snarling with total chaos and viscerally insane structures, this record will grip all who check it out from start to end with its macabre blend of modern and more primarily old school Death Metal obliteration.

The warmth from the bass player really comes through stunningly in the same manner of Death and Bolt Thrower which gives the clarity of the production even much punchiness that allows the jumps from riffs to be smoothly transcendent and retain all the punishing glory the band set out to create. This is superbly tied together and well thought out Death Metal which holds that primal and energetic feel of the classics but with a renewed set of killer ideas.

Definitely one to check out to see just how well the UK underground of Extreme Metal is doing. A spectrally crushing second album that exceeded all expectations, fantastic material from start to end that is as spine-chillingly atmospherics as it is violently brutal. -9/10

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