ALBUM REVIEW: Syning – Syning

Norwegian Ambient Black Metallers SYNING have recently emerged from the underground with their debut album, out now via Terratur Possessions.

Crystalline synths open the album with a simple and ethereal energy that has a somewhat daunting quality beneath the surface. Dreary guitars draw into existence with a bleak and desolate soundscape protruding from the ambience, evidently building with thick bass towards a crawling and swaying groove, with a touch of dissonance. Haunting vocals penetrate the reverberate sounds with a harrowing blend of melancholy and aggression to the music, something old and something new being entwined here. There is a definitively Norwegian essence to the music, reminiscent of Burzum, Obtained Enslavement and the like in their heyday, while not showing any allegiance or derivatively engineered music. The entrance of organs adds a huge doomy aura to the Black Metal as we plunge into a spectral and volatile assault of blastbeats and maniacal riffing. Blending such funereal passages with ruthless extremity and chilling ambient parts seems like the Nordic Black Metal formula, but here it is done in a unique manner.

Continuing into the depths of the monolith, we see the radiant music evolve into a punishing yet tranquil array of sounds, that while resplendent, any security or feeling of benevolence is false. While often with Ambient Black Metal, the “black” and especially “Metal” part of the music is often lost to a reverberate droning of pitiful synth nonsense. Here that is not the case, we see a stoic vision utilise all musical forces to their natural conclusion, or unnatural perhaps would be more fitting. The word occult is derived from the Latin for “hidden”, “secret” or “concealed” which is a truly reflected in this music, which may be veiled with a rather warm and celestial atmosphere, but what lurks within that is malicious and ravenous. The dancing melodies and contorting pathways into abyssal Black Metal work so wonderfully in seeming so soothing yet delivering something so violent. Truly a magnificent and luminescent release, yet no less harshly biting or scathing in its nature as a result.

A pungent and otherworldly release, with an air of simplicity that results in a unhinged and yet empyreal soundscape across the 3 pieces. Rich in texture and brooding with sinister, malicious energy, this is a marvel of the northern hemisphere whom continue to lead the underground into glory, when one seeks the more obscure cuts of darkness. This is certainly a fine example.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.
Check it out here:

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