ALBUM REVIEW: Cenotafio – Larvae Tedeum Teratos

Chilean Blackened Death Metal militants CENOTAFIO are back with their second album of blasphemous morbidity. Set for release via Blood Harvest Records, Weed Hunter Records, Apocalyptic Productions and Mouth Of Madness Records on September 11th.

Eerie soundscapes draw in with a minimalist ambience that fulfils the task of permeating the air with an unsettling vibe. Ritualistic chanting ensues to further the heretical pungency of what lies in wait. Visceral riffs churn in alongside some haunting cymbal work to conjure a malevolent and doomy sense of morbidity into fruition before things pick up into crawling blastbeats and cavernous guitar work, accompanied by possessed and otherworldly vocals. This is the kind of Black/Death Metal that will certainly bring some potentially unwelcome spirits in with each listen. Immediately the spectral musicianship and murky execution of the record feels inspired and impactful.

Monolithically charged with bleak conjurations of hammering drums and dissonant, bold riffs to back up a slew of incantations that are growled and screeched in truly demonic fashion, there is no denying the utterly fantastic, relentless and malicious style of visceral Extreme Metal that Cenotafio have to offer is something unique. Convulsing with bolts of electrifying madness and hellish brutality, the blend of chaos and atmosphere is marvellous, utilising some wonderful musicianship in a primal and raw fashion to create something distinguished. With a diverse range of Black and Death Metal barbarity wound deeply into the sound of Cenotafio who balance the annihilating pace with doomier ambience, this is a volatile record.

Forging onwards, we never are left to become complacent as the ever-evolving, warping and disturbing ideas of the band transcends through a discordant hell-scape of intoxicating Black-Death magnificence that is expansive enough to warrant many repeat listens whilst also being contagious enough to leave one impressed on their first impression. Torching all ideas of standard Black/Death Metal, this is an abyssal rite that will haunt all whom dare venture through this foreboding record. Each of the four pieces is a coherent and belligerently unwelcoming slab of concrete musicianship that as a grander picture works to devilish lengths to concoct a claustrophobic, tense and savagely punishing listen.

A feverish and unwelcoming yet unquestionably rewarding example of ferocious and psychotic Blackened Death Metal from Chile. This is not some run-of-the-mill material, but a memorable and cerebral listen that will stay with you and work its way back into your mind. If you seek a more expansive and remorseless style of Blackened Death Metal, look no further. -9/10

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